Effect Name:


This a red and grey filter option filter. the filter includes an overlay animated grain effect along with a glowing effect on top of the head. Users can choose between both filter colors.

Effect Name:

JBalvin Morado

This is an amazing filter that adds a golden and purple silk crown with trendy cool white glasses is support for jbalvin morando. all objects in this filter is tracked by the face and head movement.

Effect Name:

Nike Spin

This effect filter is a face/head tracker nike spin. My effect consists of a reflective 3d white object spinning on the head.

Effect Name:

Croatia Glasses

This is a Croatian glasses effect filter for the country Croatia, perfect for events like soccer or other sports that Croatia participate in, and also great for travel as well when people travel to Croatia. 



Effect Name:

JK Maruda

This effect includes animated glowing cool glasses that use face tracking, along with two overlays: purple and pink filter and animated purple lights.

Effect Name:

Which Muppet ?

This is part of a popular series for filter effect. The character selection starts when the video starts. after 3.5 seconds, a Muppets character is chosen from random out of the 12 popular characters.

Effect Name:

Yummy Bieber2020

This new amazing Filter Effects works around the topic of the new single song called Yummy by Justin Bieber. Its to give the fans the opportunity to show their support and show how they are supporting the artist and the song and my effect as well.


Keywords: Public Figure, Brand, Persona, Jason Kovacl

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